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Brothers Free Trapped Bald Eagle ThenTake Selfie
Canadian brothers Michael and Neil Fletcher were hunting near the town of Dowling, Ontario, when they came across a bald eagle caught in a trap. See what happens as they proceeded to free the bird from the trap. Don't miss the quick selfie they took before sending the bird of prey on his way.

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Cat vs Machine - Funny Stuff!
These cats are having a hard time handling technology or are they? I can't stop laughing!
Added: 11th April 2014
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The Family: Sorry! from The Carol Burnett Show
It may be game night for The Family with Ed (Harvey Korman), Eunice (Carol Burnett) and Mama (Vicki Lawrence), but when the competition starts to heat up it turns out Sorry! isn't all fun and games.

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Baseball/Softball Bat Flip Tricks  Compilation
The sports world is going nuts over bat flip tricks so here is a compilation of some of the best.
Added: 28th August 2015
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The Family Reunion from The Carol Burnett Show
The Family (with Harvey Korman as Roger, Carol Burnett as Eunice, and Vicki Lawrence as Mama) is hosting a reunion, with Eunice's brother Phil (Roddy McDowall) in town. Every time Phil tries to speak, the family interrupts him.

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