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Meet Campbell - He Looks At Sadness And Turns It Upside Down!
12 year old Campbell spends his time making hundreds of teddy bears for sick children ( and one very special adult! ). Get out the tissues. You can contact Campbell through his Facebook page here:
Added: 18th October 2017
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Tags Sewing Hope Feed SBS 12 Year Old Campbell Spends Time Making Hundreds Teddy Bears Sick children

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NFL 2015 -  A Bad Lip Reading of The NFL
Just in time for the big game, a wrap up of the NFL 2015 season featuring bad lip reading with a wrap up by Tom Brady!

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Hilarious! Red Skelton on The Ed Sullivan Show
Red Skelton performs on The Ed Sullivan Show on September 29, 1968. This performance was included on the special "The Ed Sullivan All-Star Comedy Special", which is available on the DVD "The Best of The Ed Sullivan Show: The All-Star Comedy Collection Vol. 1."
Added: 16th July 2014
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Dogs Who Love Winter Compilation
It's that time of year! Today we see a compilation of dogs enjoying the winter weather, sledding, running, playing in the snow. Which one is your favorite? Please share your comments below the video. 123456
Added: 3rd December 2015
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5 Horses You Won't Believe Actually Exist!
From the beautiful Friesian to the Curley horse, here are five horses you won't believe actually exist!
Added: 18th September 2017
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Tags Horses You Won

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