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Can Nature Make You Happy?
A new study from BBC Earth and the University of California has revealed that watching nature documentaries can make you happier, so they're on a mission to bring real happiness to as many people as possible by improving their connection to nature. You can find out more here

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Man's Best Friend Is Woman's Best Friend, Too.
In 1870, a man's dog was shot. He rightfully sued the shooter, and after a lengthy trial, his attorney George Graham Vest gave his closing argument. From this speech "Eulogy of the Dog," the term 'man's best friend' was coined. After more than 140 years, CESAR is rewriting the history of this time-tested expression. CESAR Rewriting History
Added: 20th March 2017
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It's Time To Come Home
Grab the tissue box! At home with your loved ones, it is the most beautiful time you will ever spend.

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Brothers Rebuild Memories For Mom Restoring Dad's Truck
The Linn brothers have lots of memories of their dad, even though he died when they were kids. Their mom lost those memories to Alzheimer's, but the brothers found a way to give her a tangible piece of their past back.

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Perks of Going To The Hospital
17-year-old Claire Wineland says going to the hospital isn't all that bad. In a humorous way she tells all about the available perks that she received during a recent hospital stay. The best part of the video is her message at the end and it is very powerful.
Added: 16th October 2014
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