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Meet Carson and Sandra, Bike Saddle Artists Extraordinaire!
Bike saddles are important. The right one transforms the experience of riding a bike, and they play a crucial role in a bike’s appearance. Carson Leh and Sandra Ernsberger create brogue style and custom leather bike seats. Inspired by fine men's dress shoes of the past two centuries. They hand select fine leathers tanned in America, Italy, and Mexico and unique high quality textiles that outlast the common synthetic materials so common on even the highest end saddles. They do impressive, unique and beautiful art work on their made to order bicycle saddles! Leh Cycling

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8 Man-Made Landscapes That Redefine Awesome
In today's video we explore the Great Indoors -- 8 fascinating man-made environments that you probably have never seen. I would love to see the SubTropolis in Kansas City and the library in Dublin, Ireland. Have you visited any of these places? Which one(s) would you like to visit. Please post your comments in the section below the video and share on Facebook.

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Liberty - Mary Ann Kennedy ( Official Music Video )
I found this video of beautiful horses and music I want to share with you today. The music is by Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter Mary Ann Kennedy - featuring the debut release of her newest song: “Liberty.” I'm guessing the song was written to promote David Lichman's "Liberty Outside the Round Pen" an interesting program that helps people form a partnership where the horse never wants to run off, no matter where you are playing. His Boomerang and Game Of Two Eyes exercises create, often in an hour or two, a horse that accelerates off the circle in draw, with engaged hindquarters and a mindset that is always focused on finding comfort with his human partner. Great song, great video, I hope you enjoy both. Best viewed full screen in 1080p, sound UP! Savvy Mastery Series - Liberty Outside the Round Pen with David Lichman

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Andre Rieu performs Amazing Grace at his Veterans Concert
In this clip of Andre Rieu's "Welcome to my World" Andre invites over 3000 veterans to join him on the Vrijthof to celebrate Armed Forces Day as he and his orchestra perform Amazing Grace. He also opens his heart about how the war impacted his own family.

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Top 10 Things Most People Cant Do
OK, Yes, I tried most of these.... and couldn't do any of them. From auto-tickling to body multi-tasking to gleeking and more, watch how these people do it... and then give a try for yourself.

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