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Extreme Bicycle Skills - Danny MacAskill  Aviemore Spring
Danny MacAskill pulls out all the stops with a range of awe-inspiring and technical tricks, using the beautiful landscape of Aviemore, UK as his playground. In case you're curious, Muc-Off carries a range of bike and car care products in the UK. Filming and Editing - Dave Mackison Song - 'Souvenir by Ages and Ages'

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How Shaq spent $1 Million in one day
Many sports stars get rich quick and then burn through it all before they turn 30. Shaquille O'Neal explains to Graham Bensinger how he spent $1 million in one day and the steps he then took to keep from ending up like all those other athletes.

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Pounding Mochi with the Fastest Mochi Maker in Japan
Mitsuo Nakatani is a mochi master, and to watch him do his work is a genuine thrill. Turning sticky rice into Japan’s traditional soft and chewy treat requires pounding, flipping and smashing the glutinous rice at high speeds in perfect coordination with a team. While visitors come to Nakatani’s mochi shop to taste the best, they stay to watch him make it.

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Indiana Jones and The Arabian Nights - The Piano Guys
Today we travel with the Piano Guys half way around the world to places most of us will only dream about! Watch the beautiful scenery as they play "Indiana Jones and The Arabian Nights" from their new CD "Uncharted". See link below video.

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How many times have you experienced true luck? Do you consider yourself a lucky devil? Tell us in the comments below and we’ll see if you have good karma or if luck hates you and wants to see you suffer... Mmm, well... We've seen almost every video in Youtube and we can assure you that luck is real; moreover, some people are not simply survivors… they are ironmen (or women)! So, please meet the luckiest people in the world.

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