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Watch a Hummingbird build a nest, feed babies and fly off, right on a kitchen window. This lady has to swing the feeder in the house with nest to clean daily. Smart mother bird, made this nest out of the rain, under shelter with a great supply of food.

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Woman With Only One Arm Plays Amazing Violin Arrangement!
Meet Manami Lto, not only is she a champion Japanese Paralympic swimmer and nurse, she also plays the violin... all while having only one arm!
Added: 8th September 2018
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9 Essentials for a Happy Cat! - Simon's Cat | COLLECTION
September is Happy Cat Month. Here are 9 essentials for a Happy Cat!
Added: 4th September 2018
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Piano Lessons Comedy By Chonda Pierce
Chonda Courtney Pierce (born March 4, 1960) is an American comedian often billed as "The Queen of Clean." She is the RIAA’s most-awarded female comic in history. Billboard magazine dubbed her "the country comic," as she has been making audiences laugh for decades simply by sharing stories about her southern upbringing. This is one of them...

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Your Best Pets of the Month August 2018
From a horse going head to head with a mail box statue, 3 turtles rocking on a log, a fish with the biggest lips you've ever seen to a ring bearing dog... these are just a few of the clips you will see in your best videos of the month video.

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