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Top 35 Most Handsome Classic Hollywood Actors
A countdown of the "35 Most Handsome Classic Hollywood Actors". This is not an official list or one based on public opinion, these are just one persons personal preference of the Old Hollywood actors. Everyone has their own opinions so please feel free to comment yours below the video and let me know what you thought of this countdown and who in your opinion the most handsome actor is :)

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Best Carol Burnett Show Bloopers
A collection of the best Carol Burnett Show bloopers that will make you laugh the rest of the day.

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Best Pets of the Month Video Compilation | March 2018
Can you believe March is already over?! 2018 is flying by! Here are some of our favorite pet videos of the month including lots of good boys and precious kitties!

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Today I Learned: Moose
Look at the Paddles on that Moose! Did you know that a female moose is called a cow? That's not confusing at all.... Learn more amusing animal facts on this a-moosing edition of Today I Learned!

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Marshmallow Farming - April 1st
Too much rain ruins marshmallow crop in North Carolina, April 1st.

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