Double Dream Feet
If you loved Double Dream Hands, check out my sequel, Double Dream Feet. Sprint is blowing it up with their website and commercial!! Dance along with me at
Added: 2nd May 2011
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Too Many Sunny Days
Chester River Runoff - Too Many Sunny Days [Live at WAMU's Bluegrass Country] Chester River Runoff performs "Too Many Sunny Days" from their album "Blue Heron Alert" live on the Lee Michael Demsey show at WAMU's Bluegrass Country in Washington, DC. Listen live at Video by Peter Swinburne
Added: 8th November 2011
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That Little Thief
Ferret / Mink stealing a Pike from a Russian. Brave little fella.
Added: 14th August 2013
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Raw Milk Pants
Gladys the bull terrier & baby goats frolic behind the scenes in the making of "Milk Pants", a commercial for Fetching Tags.
Added: 3rd May 2011
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500 People Dancing In The Sky - A Human Kaleidoscope
An amazing display of Chinese acrobats from the 2014 Nanjing Youth OlympicsC500 people dancing in the sky, with excellent choreography and cooperation, and visual effects that are breathtaking. There is no closed captioning or translation for the Chinese commentary, but there is music.
Added: 23rd January 2015
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