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I Will Survive - Alien Song
Watch I Will Survive - Alien Song Song by Gloria Gaynor
Added: 9th March 2011
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Decade of Difference Concert -3 Hours
The William J. Clinton Foundation's Decade of Difference concert, celebrating 10 years of the foundation along with the former presidents 65th birthday, had relatively few snags read on about Usher's pants, yet kicked off with a few tears from the guest of honor himself.
Added: 16th October 2011
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Ducktales Theme Song Cover
Jane Lui covers the Ducktales Theme Song from the late 80s. Jane has an amazing voice and performs an incredible cover. New CD/DVD Album :: "Goodnight Company" now available at http://JANELUI.com !
Added: 19th September 2011
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Techno Granny
Saturday evening, 4. June 2011, Ban Jelačić Square, Zagreb, Croatia. I visited Zagreb to see my sister (not seen here) dance. Needless to say, the spotlight was hijacked. :) Love Techno Granny? Like her on FaceBook! http://www.facebook.com/pages/Techno-Granny/217588288273605
Added: 16th June 2011
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Void of A Legend
Watch Void of A Legend - Antoniette Costa and Kevin K.O. Olusola. Void of A Legend Songwriter and Vocalist: Antoniette Costa Cellist and Beatboxer: Kevin K.O. Olusola Recording Engineer: Kevin Porter Videographer: Raghul Sridharan
Added: 25th August 2011
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