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Laughter is the Best Medicine

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{"http:\/\/www.coolestone.com\/media\/1692\/Laughter-is-the-Best-Medicine\/":{"comments":{"data":[{"id":"10150137089132324_31389780","from":{"id":"100004906904256","name":"Jeanne Blake"},"message":"Brought tears to my eyes. My father is in a vets Nursing Home and I can imagine him praying that prayer. This year, although I lve far away, I am going to do all the things she mentioned in her last prayer. Thank you and God bless you for this message on the first day of a new year.","can_remove":false,"created_time":"2014-01-01T14:28:47+0000","like_count":1,"user_likes":false},{"id":"10150137089132324_28412694","from":{"id":"1184302379","name":"Jack English"},"message":"HILARIOUS...J","can_remove":false,"created_time":"2013-05-16T04:11:53+0000","like_count":2,"user_likes":false},{"id":"10150137089132324_28552835","from":{"id":"1732359783","name":"Raymond Or Randy Corris"},"message":"Pretty special....I am getting to this point quick.","can_remove":false,"created_time":"2013-05-26T15:29:06+0000","like_count":1,"user_likes":false},{"id":"10150137089132324_24589088","from":{"id":"100001054349152","name":"Manfred Schmidt"},"message":"Yes , it is fun to get old>>ha, ha,","can_remove":false,"created_time":"2012-07-10T14:39:36+0000","like_count":1,"user_likes":false},{"id":"10150137089132324_22898196","from":{"id":"100000743573827","name":"Deborah Reed-Boden"},"message":"May we all help those who are there already, remembering that we are on our way too...","can_remove":false,"created_time":"2012-03-11T12:33:10+0000","like_count":5,"user_likes":false},{"id":"10150137089132324_22977232","from":{"id":"1511477886","name":"Grant Grieves"},"message":"They say the first hundred years are the hardest part of life, I'm 73 & almost there... this lady has a great gift to us older ones to enjoy.","can_remove":false,"created_time":"2012-03-16T15:32:18+0000","like_count":4,"user_likes":false},{"id":"10150137089132324_23552486","from":{"id":"1252267547","name":"Catherine Smith"},"message":"I relate to this lady especially when I'm trying to find my car in a parking lot. Hilarious!","can_remove":false,"created_time":"2012-04-24T23:46:23+0000","like_count":2,"user_likes":false},{"id":"10150137089132324_23018793","from":{"id":"1335519132","name":"Donna G. Pontillo"},"message":"In a few weeks I hit the Social Security Age! It's really not so bad after all. Along with the cons are 4 beautiful grandchildren, a husband to share my life and the age and wisdom to know just how blessed you really are......","can_remove":false,"created_time":"2012-03-19T13:53:10+0000","like_count":3,"user_likes":false},{"id":"10150137089132324_23650331","from":{"id":"100002379489871","name":"Les Marsden"},"message":"I'm right there along side this lady...","can_remove":false,"created_time":"2012-05-01T18:19:48+0000","like_count":1,"user_likes":false},{"id":"10150137089132324_23626079","from":{"id":"100002665896874","name":"Rosemarie Fike"},"message":"She's right on, I'm not quite there but know it's true.","can_remove":false,"created_time":"2012-04-30T00:46:03+0000","like_count":1,"user_likes":false},{"id":"10150137089132324_23642884","from":{"id":"574338833","name":"Anne Mabel Valouch"},"message":"Yes I can relate to this.","can_remove":false,"created_time":"2012-05-01T04:02:03+0000","like_count":1,"user_likes":false},{"id":"10150137089132324_23141519","from":{"id":"1251379778","name":"Sarah Stainback"},"message":"This was hilarious!","can_remove":false,"created_time":"2012-03-27T14:49:56+0000","like_count":2,"user_likes":false},{"id":"10150137089132324_23487096","from":{"id":"1850947111","name":"Tan Johnny"},"message":"At 72, you're a darling, Ms. Mary Maxwell. I'm sure the Archbishop of Omaha would agree to this! LOL! I hope that the good Lord will spare you the time to live on this lonely, planet earth til you can make us laugh no more. God bless.","can_remove":false,"created_time":"2012-04-20T07:46:41+0000","like_count":1,"user_likes":false},{"id":"10150137089132324_23517212","from":{"id":"1276683812","name":"Asmahan Babcock"},"message":"I love it, made my day. I did laugh my...off.","can_remove":false,"created_time":"2012-04-22T14:34:53+0000","like_count":1,"user_likes":false},{"id":"10150137089132324_23478510","from":{"id":"100002492122039","name":"Robert Babcock"},"message":"That is priceless. What a great sense of Humor Before you know it, you see your father, looking back at you in the Mirror.","can_remove":false,"created_time":"2012-04-19T18:59:30+0000","like_count":1,"user_likes":false},{"id":"10150137089132324_23499914","from":{"id":"1232163856","name":"Gail Barringer"},"message":"I FORGOT TO ADD MY NAME TO THIS WONDERFUL \"TRUTH \".","can_remove":false,"created_time":"2012-04-21T01:34:02+0000","like_count":1,"user_likes":false},{"id":"10150137089132324_22975804","from":{"id":"1645651330","name":"Jodi E McPherson"},"message":"What a great sense of humor! A lot of people know good jokes, but not everyone can deliver them in such funny ways as this. God Bless her.","can_remove":false,"created_time":"2012-03-16T13:18:21+0000","like_count":2,"user_likes":false},{"id":"10150137089132324_23476227","from":{"id":"100001346004232","name":"Caroline McCaul"},"message":"so funny","can_remove":false,"created_time":"2012-04-19T16:05:18+0000","like_count":1,"user_likes":false},{"id":"10150137089132324_22930724","from":{"id":"100001913084085","name":"June Woudenberg"},"message":"Great-it is wonderful that we who age can laugh at ourselves.","can_remove":false,"created_time":"2012-03-13T17:50:55+0000","like_count":2,"user_likes":false},{"id":"10150137089132324_22887462","from":{"id":"1060496685","name":"Manal Griffiths"},"message":"Laughter is the Best Medicine.","can_remove":false,"created_time":"2012-03-10T15:53:40+0000","like_count":2,"user_likes":false},{"id":"10150137089132324_23051907","from":{"id":"100000158382271","name":"Betty Barnett"},"message":"One day we'll be there to.God bless us all.","can_remove":false,"created_time":"2012-03-21T16:15:52+0000","like_count":1,"user_likes":false},{"id":"10150137089132324_22929507","from":{"id":"100001886511144","name":"Ramona 'MamaGrooms' Grooms"},"message":"Being 72, I can relate to this. Well done faithful servant.","can_remove":false,"created_time":"2012-03-13T16:15:27+0000","like_count":1,"user_likes":false},{"id":"10150137089132324_22948683","from":{"id":"100000918771019","name":"David Williams"},"message":"THIS LADY IS GREAT.","can_remove":false,"created_time":"2012-03-14T19:45:40+0000","like_count":1,"user_likes":false},{"id":"10150137089132324_22925234","from":{"id":"100002575186362","name":"Dolores I. Dinneen"},"message":"But I have none of these problems. Not.","can_remove":false,"created_time":"2012-03-13T06:57:23+0000","like_count":1,"user_likes":false},{"id":"10150137089132324_22895776","from":{"id":"100000793503025","name":"June Pettit"},"message":"This lady is such a comedian. I really enjoy her and her material.","can_remove":false,"created_time":"2012-03-11T06:05:03+0000","like_count":1,"user_likes":false}],"paging":{"cursors":{"after":"Mw==","before":"Mjc="}}}}}

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Laughter is the Best Medicine
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With the timing of a professional comedian, this diminutive "little old lady" shines a very funny light on the foibles of aging, to the delight of an audience filled with senior-care experts. A friend of the couple who founded Home Instead Senior Care, Mary Maxwell was asked to give the invocation at the company's Convention. Initially it seemed like a normal prayer, but it soon took a very funny turn. Her deadpan delivery and lines like ...This is the first time I've ever been old... and it just sort of crept up on me ... had everyone rolling in the aisles. Find out more at http://caregiverstress.com and at http://www.homeinstead.com.

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