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DoDoeleph Syma X5UW Wifi FPV 720P HD Camera Quadcopter
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DoDoeleph Syma X5UW Wifi FPV 720P HD Camera Quadcopter Drone

Who doesn't want a super cool looking drone? Drones are all the rage right now, and for good reason. You can see from above and it honestly feels like you are flying. Pair it with some cool virtual reality glasses and you'll want to fly your drone all day. This drone is incredible. It looks so good that it makes me want to shout my love for it from the rooftops! Okay, all jokes aside, this drone really is cool. It has a ton of cool features that I didn't expect, and it is a lot better than the last drone I had. While the price of $80 is a bit higher than my last drone, I happen to like it a lot better too, so it was worth it.

Best Features

Don't you hate the battery life on drones? Thankfully, this company thought ahead. This drone comes with two batteries so you can have almost 20 minutes of flight time. If that isn't enough, the charging time is only two hours! Some drones take up to six hours to charge, so I love that this one doesn't take as long. The camera is included on the drone so you don't have to buy anything else. Once you receive this, it is ready to fly to your heart's desire.

What's Included

1*Syma X5UW quadcopter drone
1*Remote Control
1*Screwdriver andUSB Charger
1*Extra battery
4*Main Blade
1*Mobile Phone Retaining Clip
1*Memory Card
1*Instruction Manual


I love that the remote has a spot for your phone. It fits a good variety of phones, so you don't need to worry about yours not fitting. I would definitely buy this again for the price. The extra battery is also a great addition as most drones don't come with that. The flight is very smooth because of the way the motor is set up, and the memory card on the camera holds a lot of film.


The price of $80 may be a deterrent for some folks, but I happen to think it is worth it.

Final Verdict

I really like this drone. I think it is great for both beginners and pros, and I would not hesitate to purchase it again. The design is modern and cool, so I know there are not a ton of people out there with the same drone as me. It is easy to see in the sky, and I have yet to lose it.

About This Video:

DoDoeleph Syma X5UW Wifi FPV 720P HD Camera Quadcopter
DoDoeleph Syma X5UW Wifi FPV 720P HD Camera Quadcopter Drone  http://amzn.to/2iCHFsF

Added: 7th December 2017
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