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Rufus the Blind Bobcat Kitten

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Rufus the Blind Bobcat Kitten
Rufus the blind bobcat kitten was believed to have been hit by a car on Dec 4th in South Carolina. He weighed just 4.2lbs, had a broken jaw, split canine and was comatose. After he woke up from the coma he was pretty loopy, the South Carolina rehabber figured the impact had done brain damage. They had to wire the jaw shut, tube feed him and remove the broken canine. He was taken in by Big Cat Rescue on Feb 12th 2012, he's now eating solids on his own and doing much better despite walking into walls and getting stuck in corners. He was having bad and frequent seizures, but those have almost subsided. Watch Rufus's progress LIVE on Ustream here:

Added: 20th March 2012
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