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Eleven Thousand Olive Trees ( In Texas )

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Eleven Thousand Olive Trees ( In Texas )
Amid the roar of the olive press, when the oily juice begins to flow - This is the payoff, the reward for all the risks, and all the dreams of a woman with a crazy idea about growing olives in the sandy south Texas soil. Today we meet Sandy Winokur, owner of Sandy Oaks Olive Orchard in Elmendorf, Tx. Dreams do come true! Sandy Winokur Sandy Oaks Olive Orchard 25195 Mathis Rd., PO Box 869, Elmendorf, TX 78112 Phone: 210-621-0044 Website: http://www.sandyoaks.com/ Like Texas Country Reporter on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TexasCountryReporter Texas Country Reporter #1315, 11-10-2012

Added: 18th January 2013
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