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ARGUS - This May Blow Your Mind

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{"http:\/\/www.coolestone.com\/media\/5354\/ARGUS---This-May-Blow-Your-Mind\/":{"comments":{"data":[{"id":"405090322913545_2453966","from":{"id":"100000106663068","name":"E Elaine Connelly"},"message":"I watch \"Person of Interest\", faithfully, and I keep telling my husband, this is what our government is doing to us NOW! \nIf only we could rid ourselves of the current group in the White House and the treasonous representatives and senators in both the House and Senate, we would be much better off.","can_remove":false,"created_time":"2013-02-15T14:13:31+0000","like_count":22,"user_likes":false},{"id":"405090322913545_2454244","from":{"id":"1328357340","name":"Nat Aarsby"},"message":"Okay. \"What do I think about this?\" I had a flashback to my earlier days in the church where our family spent many hours a week. As a youngster I recall a favorite chorus we sang often....and it came to mind as I watched this video. The words were intended to remind us, as Christians, of the following promise to always keep in mind throughout our earthly existence; I think it conveys my response to the video: \"This world is not my home, I'm just a passin' through... my treasures are laid up, somewhere beyond the blue... When angels beckon me through Heaven's open door then I won't be at home on this earth anymore!\" (and I for one, do NOT feel at home on this earth anymore ALREADY!)","can_remove":false,"created_time":"2013-02-15T15:46:40+0000","like_count":9,"user_likes":false},{"id":"405090322913545_2454672","from":{"id":"1101849614","name":"John Joseph Grimes"},"message":"I think it's terrific. Now, if they can only use this to find every Islamic terrorist carrying a weapon, every criminal committing a crime and every politician accepting payoffs, we will all be better off. If it wasn't for all of the new technology and cameras everywhere, just think of how many crimes would never have been solved.","can_remove":false,"created_time":"2013-02-15T18:47:53+0000","like_count":6,"user_likes":false},{"id":"405090322913545_2662286","from":{"id":"1116621445","name":"Anne Gross Beal"},"message":"this is how they watched the attack in Benghazi in real time and did nothing.","can_remove":false,"created_time":"2013-04-22T05:42:16+0000","like_count":3,"user_likes":false},{"id":"405090322913545_2454038","from":{"id":"100000092401336","name":"Charles Simmons"},"message":"This has been here a lot longer ago then now, at least 10 or 15 years.Has anybody been to London town recently, Big Brother will be watching you.","can_remove":false,"created_time":"2013-02-15T14:33:41+0000","like_count":7,"user_likes":false},{"id":"405090322913545_2479753","from":{"id":"1576191049","name":"Gary Starkey"},"message":"I love this country. Its the Govrnment I'm afraid of.","can_remove":false,"created_time":"2013-02-23T04:44:16+0000","like_count":6,"user_likes":false},{"id":"405090322913545_2510791","from":{"id":"100003273423191","name":"Mark E Wallace"},"message":"Only God, and his Angels can see into the Hearts of Man ! ","can_remove":false,"created_time":"2013-03-05T13:11:51+0000","like_count":5,"user_likes":false},{"id":"405090322913545_2625854","from":{"id":"1250301117","name":"Mike Schoenecker"},"message":"Great video, very interesting, but somewhat intimadating at the same time.","can_remove":false,"created_time":"2013-04-10T17:05:51+0000","like_count":3,"user_likes":false},{"id":"405090322913545_2481560","from":{"id":"100000074156847","name":"Jim Lampson"},"message":"This could be a tremendous tool in the fight vs crime and terrorism but until we get politicians who put America first and can stop their self-serving paths, we are doomed to remain as we are. They will probably use it against the people and not against the bad guys..","can_remove":false,"created_time":"2013-02-23T18:38:11+0000","like_count":5,"user_likes":false},{"id":"405090322913545_2487757","from":{"id":"1307761875","name":"Wayne Nelson"},"message":"I have seen this type of thing coming for a long time every one thought Georg Orewell was a bit nuts...hummmmmmmmmm.","can_remove":false,"created_time":"2013-02-25T21:36:58+0000","like_count":4,"user_likes":false},{"id":"405090322913545_2489401","from":{"id":"100000996407861","name":"Badger Brock"},"message":"scary stuff","can_remove":false,"created_time":"2013-02-26T11:18:36+0000","like_count":4,"user_likes":false},{"id":"405090322913545_2547414","from":{"id":"1282000809","name":"Linda K Leibig"},"message":"THE WORLD IS A MUCH SMALLER PLACE NOW.HOPEFULLY IT WILL BE SAFER.","can_remove":false,"created_time":"2013-03-16T15:37:25+0000","like_count":3,"user_likes":false},{"id":"405090322913545_2468948","from":{"id":"750832871","name":"Art J. McFadden"},"message":"Having been involved in CASARA Search and Rescue I find it invaluable in many ways, whether it be for military or civilian use. Keep up the good work Mel.","can_remove":false,"created_time":"2013-02-20T02:14:24+0000","like_count":4,"user_likes":false},{"id":"405090322913545_2454787","from":{"id":"100001076594232","name":"Rose Ann Null"},"message":"If anyone thinks a change in policy about us being watched would change with a change in presidents is wrong. Big brother is here for good and is watching you, and me and has been for years and years. And I see I am not the only one that thinks this way, paranoid?","can_remove":false,"created_time":"2013-02-15T19:30:36+0000","like_count":4,"user_likes":false},{"id":"405090322913545_2454435","from":{"id":"1527056994","name":"Joseph Wagner"},"message":"I realize there are some pro's and con's to something like this but I've always felt that if your not doing something wrong you have nothing to worry about.","can_remove":false,"created_time":"2013-02-15T17:13:17+0000","like_count":4,"user_likes":false},{"id":"405090322913545_2454139","from":{"id":"1056777448","name":"Rose Henzler"},"message":"We are all being watched...","can_remove":false,"created_time":"2013-02-15T15:11:37+0000","like_count":4,"user_likes":false},{"id":"405090322913545_2477996","from":{"id":"100002415432454","name":"Stephanie Sophia Aaron"},"message":"Big Brother. One more step in the Agenda of the One World Government also known as the United Nations. It is Agenda 21\/Sustainable Development aka Executive order 13575. Google it. Don't believe anything you see or read search for yourselves. Watch out for paranoid conspiracy nuts. Visit my Facebook page at; www.facebook.com\/AgendaRevelations.\nI research everything I post and delete posts if I find they are not true.\nGod bless and save the United States of America and our Constitution as it was originally written.","can_remove":false,"created_time":"2013-02-22T16:15:02+0000","like_count":3,"user_likes":false},{"id":"405090322913545_2487340","from":{"id":"1083497891","name":"Lynn Grossman"},"message":"Big brother is watching you!","can_remove":false,"created_time":"2013-02-25T19:14:24+0000","like_count":3,"user_likes":false},{"id":"405090322913545_2470924","from":{"id":"100000564935483","name":"Warren Weber"},"message":"Electronics will rule the world. So many things have been developed, great things in medical.","can_remove":false,"created_time":"2013-02-20T16:31:22+0000","like_count":3,"user_likes":false},{"id":"405090322913545_2468739","from":{"id":"827734735","name":"Henry Randall Frost"},"message":"This will be a great tool for the military.","can_remove":false,"created_time":"2013-02-20T00:40:02+0000","like_count":3,"user_likes":false},{"id":"405090322913545_2454260","from":{"id":"1517772913","name":"Susan Cannon C"},"message":"Feeling like someone's watching or following you? It's not paranoia. It's science, and it's happening right NOW.","can_remove":false,"created_time":"2013-02-15T15:54:57+0000","like_count":3,"user_likes":false},{"id":"405090322913545_2454057","from":{"id":"100003265451352","name":"Kattie Moore Dubbs"},"message":"this is one of the few times I am at a loss fpr words.or at least words that I could use.","can_remove":false,"created_time":"2013-02-15T14:39:30+0000","like_count":3,"user_likes":false},{"id":"405090322913545_2454355","from":{"id":"100004796373026","name":"Jean Souza"},"message":"Big brother is alive and well..","can_remove":false,"created_time":"2013-02-15T16:32:15+0000","like_count":3,"user_likes":false},{"id":"405090322913545_2454018","from":{"id":"1223661395","name":"Marion-Linda Mosley Jr."},"message":"This is really happening NOW!","can_remove":false,"created_time":"2013-02-15T14:26:54+0000","like_count":3,"user_likes":false},{"id":"405090322913545_2454231","from":{"id":"100000449373242","name":"Alice Lawson"},"message":"This is amazing!","can_remove":false,"created_time":"2013-02-15T15:40:37+0000","like_count":3,"user_likes":false}],"paging":{"cursors":{"after":"ODY=","before":"MTEw"},"next":"https:\/\/graph.facebook.com\/v1.0\/405090322913545\/comments?limit=25&after=ODY\u00253D"}}}}

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About This Video:

ARGUS - This May Blow Your Mind
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Super Surveilance Camera installed on aircraft. If you have watched the TV program "Person of Interest" you may have thought that this was science fiction but it is here right now. It is amazing and yet frightening at the same time. Watch and be amazed.

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Added: 14th February 2013
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