Father's Day Video: My Parents' First Car

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{"http:\/\/www.coolestone.com\/media\/5982\/Father039;s-Day-Video:-My-Parents039;-First-Car\/":{"comments":{"data":[{"id":"170984459737924_448277","from":{"id":"1066427716","name":"Darcy Cook"},"message":"Awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee","can_remove":false,"created_time":"2013-06-25T23:54:14+0000","like_count":3,"user_likes":false},{"id":"170984459737924_441436","from":{"id":"100000851416232","name":"Tara Leesa Davis"},"message":"What a Happy Video! Thank You so much! Loved it and the people involved! What a wonderful Family! ((*_*)","can_remove":false,"created_time":"2013-06-21T21:45:36+0000","like_count":3,"user_likes":false},{"id":"170984459737924_432747","from":{"id":"100000357531812","name":"Everett Bud Wofford"},"message":"At the present time I have a 48 Plymouth club coupe, allrebuilt and driven regularly.","can_remove":false,"created_time":"2013-06-17T01:03:02+0000","like_count":3,"user_likes":false},{"id":"170984459737924_432226","from":{"id":"1528124376","name":"Gloria Gladden"},"message":"Happy Father's Day to all of you Fathers!","can_remove":false,"created_time":"2013-06-16T17:26:41+0000","like_count":3,"user_likes":false},{"id":"170984459737924_432422","from":{"id":"100000056882238","name":"Mark O. Hiller"},"message":"sweet story","can_remove":false,"created_time":"2013-06-16T21:10:05+0000","like_count":3,"user_likes":false},{"id":"170984459737924_464455","from":{"id":"1542904065","name":"Jim Schaffrath"},"message":"Awesome story. Brings a tear!","can_remove":false,"created_time":"2013-07-04T23:22:31+0000","like_count":2,"user_likes":false},{"id":"170984459737924_439947","from":{"id":"100001946403220","name":"Elise Howell"},"message":"This was a sweet feel good moment to share with nice people. Thanks.","can_remove":false,"created_time":"2013-06-21T03:59:53+0000","like_count":2,"user_likes":false},{"id":"170984459737924_432235","from":{"id":"1804476726","name":"Rick Sargent"},"message":"What a beautiful gift you gave your parents for their 60th Ann. Memories are priceless and these really are! A classic for a classy couple.","can_remove":false,"created_time":"2013-06-16T17:40:55+0000","like_count":2,"user_likes":false},{"id":"170984459737924_455867","from":{"id":"1644608946","name":"Patricia A Rodgers Heutsche"},"message":"Great story. What a terrific gift for them.","can_remove":false,"created_time":"2013-06-29T19:24:13+0000","like_count":1,"user_likes":false},{"id":"170984459737924_449879","from":{"id":"662537476","name":"Peggy Morton"},"message":"thatwas a nice suprise for the couple they looked very happy to see that car once more.","can_remove":false,"created_time":"2013-06-26T17:39:31+0000","like_count":1,"user_likes":false},{"id":"170984459737924_442044","from":{"id":"732276097","name":"Bob Butchart"},"message":"You can't turn the clock back, but sure can wind it up. Great sentimental gift for a wedding anniversary. I happen to have a pair of park lamp bezels for a 46-48 Plymouth if anyone needs a pair.","can_remove":false,"created_time":"2013-06-22T07:22:43+0000","like_count":1,"user_likes":false},{"id":"170984459737924_433828","from":{"id":"1120406205","name":"John Cawley"},"message":"If only my (now deceased) father could have his old '49 midnight blue Mercury back! WOW!","can_remove":false,"created_time":"2013-06-17T15:08:37+0000","like_count":1,"user_likes":false},{"id":"170984459737924_432340","from":{"id":"1133570191","name":"Charles H. Pierce"},"message":"sure shows how their father was loved.","can_remove":false,"created_time":"2013-06-16T19:43:57+0000","like_count":1,"user_likes":false},{"id":"170984459737924_432262","from":{"id":"100000070490876","name":"Robert Endsley"},"message":"That's a very nice video.","can_remove":false,"created_time":"2013-06-16T18:14:23+0000","like_count":1,"user_likes":false},{"id":"170984459737924_435937","from":{"id":"1787118127","name":"Carol Williamson"},"message":"I used to be able to listen to these but I lost the speakers on the screen and had to find earphones to use on cpu and now it wont let me listen till I fill out the form which I did but after a few seconds.... away goes the video? what's happening?","can_remove":false,"created_time":"2013-06-18T21:45:08+0000","like_count":0,"user_likes":false}],"paging":{"cursors":{"after":"Ng==","before":"MjA="}}}}}

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About This Video:

Father's Day Video: My Parents' First Car
146 Ratings
In honor of Father's Day, here is a great father/son video( Mom's will love it to! ). Joe and Beverly Smith were the proud owners of a 1948 Plymouth Convertible until they had to sell it when Joe was drafted to serve in the Korean War. As a 60th wedding anniversary gift, their son, Joel, found a '48 Plymouth through Craigslist fixed it up and gave it to them as a surprise. The car will now forever stay in the family and be passed down through generations. For more visit http://www.hagerty.com

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Added: 13th June 2013
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