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Pet Bird Flies Beside Motor Cycle
Added: 25th June 2013
Posted By: Mel
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Maybe the strangest thing I have ever filmed in Thailand. Thats saying a lot. So I pass this lady and notice mounted rifles, a skull and flying bird and had to film it for you guys. See how many things you can notice that are just bizarre. You will notice new crazy stuff every time you watch it.

Parrot engages in deep conversation with popular talking app
Added: 12th July 2016
Posted By: Mel
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Tweety can talk with the little cat from the 'Talking Ginger' app all day! She asks him what he's doing and gives him lots of kisses. Moments like these are so

Tags: parrot talking cute adorable pet bird
15+ Cats That Don't Care | About Your Personal Space
Added: 9th June 2017
Posted By: Mel
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These felines couldn't care less about your own space. While a few proprietors resort to disgracing, in their innermost being, they know it's inadequate and will most likely simply bring about a demonstration of requital. Felines don't have any idea of individual space and they will make sure to...

Tags: cat kittens pet birds care aquariums care cat fancy october 2009 everything you need cat cat fancy march 2010 how to care for your cat
Funny Birds Imitating Electronic Sounds Compilation 2017
Added: 24th August 2017
Posted By: Mel
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Hilarious parrots and other pet birds with amazing skills mimicking iphone ringtones, twitter sounds, computer and video games noises, microwave oven beeps, and all sort of electronic sounds!

Tags: animals pets compilation vines funny birds imitating parrot mimicking electronic ringtone iphone phone hilarious noise sounds
Pet Bird Loves Bath Time with His Owners
Added: 8th January 2018
Posted By: Mel
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"Bert, our Green Cheek Conure, regularly bathes with us on his tub perch and enjoys it tremendously. No, he does not poop in the water, and no, we do not put any soaps in the water that would be harmful to him until he is finished bathing and out of the water. After he is finished he gets wrapped...

Tags: 2017 Animals birds Cool Cute feel good Humor pets USA ViralHog Weird bath strange parrot

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