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Dog Joins Owner For Bubble Bath
Added: 7th January 2015
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"A lot of dogs hate bath time, but not Keenan. His minder, Cheryl, told Storyful He was very curious about the tub, so when I took a bath, I had my waterproof camera so I could get a picture of him peeking over the tub edge. I was taken by surprise at just HOW curious he was!

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Clumsy Dog Having Fun With a Ball on Beach
Added: 24th February 2015
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Dog having a great time with his new ball on Beach in Ireland. Ball is waterproof so ocean is the best place to test it

Tags: Dog (Domesticated Animal) dogs clumsy dog charlie the beagle charlie the dog pets cute dog cute dog charlie Pet (Website Category) Puppy Animal
Introducing the Lily Camera
Added: 30th May 2015
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Lily is the world's first throw-and-shoot camera. It lets anyone create cinematic footage previously reserved for professional filmmakers. Lily is waterproof ...

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73-year-old Risks Life And Limb In Record Breaking Bungee Jump
Added: 19th June 2015
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A 73-YEAR-OLD daredevil Brit has rolled back the years by setting a new bungee jumping record. Former cabbie Ray Woodcock set a new British - and potential world record - for the highest jump with a full body submersion into water with a leap from 465ft. The jump took place at Chepstow Quarry -...

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Meet Ben ( With His Longhorn Cow Cam ) And Pig Pal Javier
Added: 14th March 2017
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Mesmerizing! Watch today's video made with a Go Pro Hero 3+ mounted on Ben's built in selfie stick. Ben didn't seem to mind the camera at all. He's having his nightly dinner with his javelina buddy. Javier is his official name but Ben and their human refer to him as "piggy". Even though the...

Tags: Premiere Elements 15 Texas Longhorn Watusi steer GoPro Hero 3+ selfie stick The Field Lab living off the grid pet javelina

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