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Posted By: Mel
Created On: 25th November 2010
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Kevin James Does An...
Kevin James on a TV show America Got Talent doing this unbelievable Act.
Posted By: Mel
Created On: 28th March 2011
Chicken CPR - Jay Leno
This is about a lady who lives in Arkadelphia , AR. She gave CPR to a chicken. She was on the Tonight Show, same night Terry Bradshaw was on the show. Never has anyone had more fun and laughs than Bradshaw on this clip. If you need a good laugh, this...
Posted By: Mel
Created On: 24th July 2009
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Meowy Ugly Christmas
Make a statement with this Awesome New Ugly Christmas Tee
Posted By: Mel
Created On: 21st October 2016
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O Holy Night - GENTRI...
This is beautiful! Merry Christmas!
Created On: 12th December 2016
BYU Noteworthy Visits...
I have always enjoyed the BYU Noteworthy girls; to me, the model of femininity, and their most enjoyable music. But this video eclipses all. They say men don't cry, but this video brought a couple of wet eyes - to me as well as to some of the girls! A...
Created On: 3rd December 2016
A Blind Horse and His...
Great person, truly a very caring person, there needs to be more like him
Created On: 20th September 2016
A Blind Horse and His...
Zaxson is so lucky to have Roderick as his owner and friend. What a wonderful story. Mutual Trust and Love. What an inspiration.
Created On: 20th September 2016
The dog is very good but it is more normal for a dog to do this but the cat takes the prize.
Created On: 21st July 2016
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Monday through Friday Mel sends out a video to his free subscriber list. Some of the video's are funny, some serious and some just plain stupid.
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Rocket Internet closes...
 If you thought that all the problems that Rocket Internet has had bringing its portfolio of startups and its business overall into the black would have spelled setbacks for future investing, think again. This week, the firm — based out of...
Created On: 20th January 2017
Security researchers...
 A thirty-strong group of security researchers have co-signed an open letter calling for the Guardian to retract a story it published last week that had claimed mobile messaging app WhatsApp contains a “backdoor”. The newspaper...
Created On: 20th January 2017
Accel names Luciana...
 Accel, the VC firm that has been involved some of the biggest deals in the most recent tech boom — startups backed include Facebook, Supercell, Dropbox, Deliveroo, Slack and Atlassian, Spotify, Flipkart and many more — has appointed a...
Created On: 20th January 2017
The cost of hot selfie...
 You’ve probably seen a Meitu selfie in your Instagram or Facebook feed in the past 24 hours. The app smoothes skin, slims down faces, and even applies a layer of virtual blush and lipgloss, adding a beautifying effect to your photos. And...
Created On: 19th January 2017
Crunch Report | Zoom...
Hanging out with the CEO of Zoom Eric Yuan and talking about the most recent investment for Sequoia for $100 million, LinkedIn’s major desktop update, and the NHTSA fully exonerates Tesla’s AutoPilot. All this on Crunch Report Read More
Created On: 19th January 2017

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